Epic Movie
(2007) UR
From the writers of Scary Movie comes this megaspoof of at least a dozen blockbusters. The story line follows four orphans (Kal Penn, Adam Campbell, Faune A. Chambers and Jayma Mays) who visit a magic chocolate factory where an enchanted wardrobe zaps them back to the land of Gnarnia where they encounter an eccentric pirate and a group of student wizards. As if that isn't enough, the quartet must find a way to defeat the White Bitch of Gnarnia.

Genre:Action Comedies, Spoofs and Satire, Slapstick
This movie is:Raunchy, Goofy
(2006) PG
When 15-year-old Eragon (Edward Speleers) stumbles upon a dragon's egg -- and then that egg hatches -- he sets in motion a series of events that leads him to assume the legacy of a legendary race of dragon riders. Jeremy Irons plays the wise storyteller Brom, and John Malkovich plays the evil king Galbatorix in this fantasy adventure based on the first book of Christopher Paolini's popular Inheritance trilogy.

Genre:Fantasy, Dramas Based on the Book, Dramas Based on Contemporary Literature
This movie is:Suspenseful, Imaginative, Exciting
Evan Almighty
(2006) PG
In director Tom Shadyac's raucous follow-up to his 2003 comedy Bruce Almighty, God (Morgan Freeman) summons narcissistic newscaster turned congressman Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) to build an enormous ark in preparation for a devastating flood. Unfortunately for Evan, his perplexed family interprets his latest hobby as a midlife crisis gone wrong rather than as a divine assignment from the man upstairs. Lauren Graham and John Goodman also star.

Genre:Spoofs and Satire, Religious Comedies & Satires, Family Comedies
This movie is:Quirky, Goofy
(2007) PG-13
With daughters Constance (Natasha Richardson) and Nina (Toni Collette) by her bedside, terminally ill matriarch Ann Grant (Vanessa Redgrave) recounts a passionate romance that took place 50 years in the past yet defined the rest of her life. Claire Danes stars as a younger Ann, and Patrick Wilson portrays her lover. This adaptation of Susan Minot's best-seller also features the megawatt talents of Meryl Streep and Glenn Close.

Genre:Dramas Based on the Book, Tearjerkers, Dramas Based on Bestsellers
This movie is:Sentimental, Romantic, Emotional
Everybody Dies
(2007) NR
After quickly establishing a deep connection with tough-talking hooker Nina (Charis Michelsen), his latest target, hardened hit man Jake (Sergio d'Amato) chooses to spare her life. As they frantically flee from merciless enemies, the desperate couple discovers death at every turn. Josh Evans writes and directs this edgy thriller, which features a fractured narrative that cleverly shifts back and forth through time.

Genre:Crime Thrillers, Action Thrillers, Suspense
Evil Bong
(2006) NR
A group of stoners inhale more than they bargained for when they smoke from an evil bong in this campy comedy. The guys buy a vintage bong named EeBee from an ad in High Times magazine, but they have no idea the possessed pipe will gradually suck them into a horrifying surreal world. As they fight for their lives, EeBee's former owner (none other than Tommy Chong) -- the only one who understands the power of the bong -- tries to rescue them.

Genre:Dark Humor & Black Comedies, Late Night Comedies, Cult Comedies
This movie is:Suspenseful, Campy
Failure to Launch
(2006) PG-13
In a desperate attempt to push their 30-something son Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) out of the nest, a frustrated mother and father (Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw) hire a beautiful relationship "consultant" (Sarah Jessica Parker) with a patented plan to move him out of the house. But her tried-and-true tactics, which involve her posing as the girl of his dreams, don't always have the intended effect. Zooey Deschanel co-stars.

Genre:Romantic Comedies
This movie is:Sentimental, Romantic, Goofy
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Fantastic Four 2
(2007) PG
This sequel to the 2005 blockbuster follows Fantastic Four superheroes Reed (Ioan Gruffudd), Sue (Jessica Alba), Johnny (Chris Evans) and Ben (Michael Chiklis) as they battle the enigmatic Silver Surfer (Doug Jones), who travels the earth preparing it for total destruction. Director Tim Story's comic book adventure introduces viewers to the space-faring explorer Silver Surfer, created in 1966 by legendary Marvel writers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Genre:Comic Books and Superheroes, Action Thrillers
This movie is:Suspenseful, Exciting
(1993) R
San Francisco architect Max Klein (Jeff Bridges) miraculously survives a plane crash and emerges a changed man. When Max's bizarre behavior alienates his wife (Isabella Rossellini) and son, airline psychiatrist Bill Perlman (John Turturro) puts Max in touch with guilt-ridden fellow crash survivor Carla Rodrigo (Rosie Perez), who lost her 2-year-old in the disaster. Working together, can Max and Carla find their way back to emotional equilibrium?

Genre:Deadly Disasters, Tearjerkers
(2005) UR
When patrons at a local watering hole (including Balthazar Getty and Eileen Ryan) are attacked by a swarm of flying gargoyle-like beasts, they're forced to work together to fight for their survival. Fans of the "Project Greenlight" television series may remember all the drama that went into filming this gory horror-comedy from first-time director John Gulager, whose interpersonal skills made it difficult to stay on schedule.

Genre:Monsters, Cult Horror
This movie is:Suspenseful, Scary
Fifty Dead Men Walking
(2008) NR
Belfast hood Martin (Jim Sturgess) is recruited by a British agent (Ben Kingsley) to infiltrate the IRA during the height of the Northern Irish conflict and quickly becomes embroiled in a dangerous game that could cost him his life if his secret is found out. As other informers are brutally murdered, Martin starts to look for a way out, but his handler urges him to stay undercover in this taut political thriller based on a true story.

Genre:Political Thrillers, United Kingdom, Foreign Countries
Final Destination 3
(2006) R
Set six years after the original film, this chilling third installment follows the efforts of Wendy Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) to prevent her premonition from coming true after she foresees herself and her friends in a deadly roller-coaster mishap. But when Wendy's vision becomes reality, the survivors must face the consequences of cheating death. Ryan Merriman and Kris Lemche are among the cast of characters.

Genre:Teen Screams, Supernatural Horror, Cult Horror
This movie is:Suspenseful, Scary, Exciting, Dark
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
(2005) PG-13
Two years after leading the charge against the evil Sephiroth in this sci-fi anime adventure, Cloud has taken refuge in the country, running a delivery service for Tifa's bar, which doubles as a safe haven for children stricken with a deadly disease. But Cloud and his friends are called back into action when the mysterious Kadaj and his brothers show up on the scene, looking to be reunited with their mother.

Genre:Anime Sci-Fi, Anime Action, Anime Feature Films
First Born
(2006) PG-13
Suffering from postpartum depression, Laura (Elisabeth Shue) finds motherhood much more taxing than she expected -- and being alone all day in her isolated country home doesn't help. Things go from bad to worse as the arrival of a bizarre nanny and a series of macabre events cause Laura to question her grip on reality. Steven Mackintosh, Khandi Alexander, Blair Brown and Kathleen Chalfant co-star in this spine-chilling psychological thriller.

Genre:Psychological Thrillers, Satanic Stories
Flags of Our Fathers
(2006) R
From director Clint Eastwood comes this riveting World War II drama that recounts the story of six soldiers instantly immortalized when they were photographed raising the American flag atop Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi. Based on the book of the same name, the film reconstructs the events that preceded and followed the snapshot that came to symbolize the U.S. troops' triumph and America's indestructible spirit. Ryan Phillippe and Barry Pepper star.

Genre:Military & War Action, Military & War Dramas
This movie is:Understated, Dark, Violent
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