The Fighter
YEAR.......... 2010
GENRE.........Biography | Drama | Sport
RELEASE DATE..01/03/2011

A look at the early years of boxer "Irish" Micky Ward and his brother who helped train him before going pro in the mid 1980s.
Three people, each on a path in search of the truth, their lives will intersect, forever changed by what they believe might exist in the hereafter.

Matt Damon ... George Lonegan
Cecile De France ... Marie Lelay
Thierry Neuvic ... Didier
Jay Mohr ... Billy
Richard Kind ... Christos
Lyndsey Marshal ... Jackie

Director: Clint Eastwood
Writers: Peter Morgan

Drama | Fantasy

RATING  Rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements including disturbing
disaster and accident images, and for brief strong language.
Rabbit Hole

Film Length: 1:27:18
Tagline: The only way out is through.
Storyline: Becca and Howie Corbett are a happily married couple whose perfect world is forever changed when their young son, Danny, is killed by a car. Becca, an executive-turned-stay-at-home mother, tries to redefine her existence in a surreal landscape of well-meaning family and friends. Painful, poignant, and often funny, Becca experiences lead her to find solace in a mysterious relationship with a troubled young comic-book artist, Jason – the teenage driver of the car that killed Danny. Becca fixation with Jason pulls her away from memories of Danny, while Howie immerses himself in the past, seeking refuge in outsiders who offer him something Becca is unable to give. The Corbetts, both adrift, make surprising and dangerous choices as they choose a path that will determine their fate.

Nicole Kidman … Becca     Aaron Eckhart … Howie
Dianne Wiest … Nat     Miles Teller … Jason
Genre: Drama  
  Daylight Robbery 2008

Plot:  Alex masterminds an ambitious plan to steal millions of untraceable cash that is stacked in the underground vaults of The London Exchange Bank, waiting for its last journey, Incineration. Lucky, Matty, Terry, Chubby, Norman and Jay make up his unlikely gang of robbers. Setting up their alibi, the gang check in for a flight and join in with thousands of England supporters that are part of a
mass exodus to The World Cup Tournament in Germany. Instead of passing through to Departure Lounge, the gang head out to the car park, pile into a van and head for Central London where they spectacularly ram raid London Exchange Bank.

Xavier Anderson ... SWAT man
Brodie Bass ... Passport Control
Geoff Bell ... Alex
Vas Blackwood ... Lucky
Robert Boulter ... Jay
Max Brown ... Doctor
  Elephant White 2011

Genre: Thriller | Action
Directed by: Prachya Pinkaew
Starring: Kevin Bacon, Djimon Hounsou and Ron Smoorenburg

Plot: A mercenary in Thailand is engaged by a 14 year old girl who gives his life a new meaning.
  My Normal [2010]

GENRE...... Drama

DIRECTOR: Irving Schwartz
WRITER: Abdul Malik Abbott, Adam Sales
CAST: Nicole LaLiberte, Ty Jones, Dawn Noel Pignuola

My Normal is the story of Natalie, a young lesbian from the Lower East Side, who's struggling to find a balance between her dreams of becoming a film maker and her lifestyle as a dominatrix. Her exotic looks and unconventional techniques make her one of the most desirable mistresses in the NYC underground. After befriending her weed dealer and igniting a steamy love affair with her new girl, Natalie gets an internship on a real movie set. But if everything she ever wanted is becoming a reality, why is her life falling apart? When it seems that all is lost, Natalie realizes that the only way to turn her dreams into reality is to use her unique talents as a dominatrix to get exactly what she wants. 
  Sanctum 2011


The 3-D action-thriller Sanctum follows a team of underwater cave divers on a treacherous expedition to the largest, most beautiful and least accessible cave system on Earth. When a tropical storm forces them deep into the caverns, they must fight raging water, deadly terrain and creeping panic as they search for an unknown escape route to the sea. Master diver Frank McGuire has explored the South Pacific's Esa-ala Caves for months. But when his exit is cut off in a flash flood, Frank's team-including 17-year-old son Josh and financier Carl Hurley are forced to radically alter plans. With dwindling supplies, the crew must navigate an underwater labyrinth to make it out. Soon, they are confronted with the unavoidable question: Can they survive, or will they be trapped forever?

Director: Alister Grierson
Writers: John Garvin (screenplay), Andrew Wight (screenplay), and 1 more credit »
Stars: Rhys Wakefield, Allison Cratchley and Christopher Baker 
  Straw Dogs(1971)

Dustin Hoffman plays a regular American mathematician, who gets into some trouble with local bullies. He is made fun of and then his wife is raped. When they attack his home, he fights back. His outbreak of violence is extreme.

Genre: Drama/Thriller
  The Clinic 2010

While traveling across country with her fiance, Beth wakes alone in an isolated clinic to a mother's worst nightmare. Just how far will she go to save her child? 
  The Next Three Days 2010

A married couple's life is turned upside down when the wife is accused of a murder. 
h8UKL.jpg  Apocalypse Of The Dead 2009

Transporting a valuable human cargo of state prisoners across a hazardous war zone, a group Interpol mercenaries headed by Agents Reyes and Milius are forced to make an unscheduled detour when they encounter the remnants of a catastrophic ecological disaster

Trapped is a hazardous wasteland, miles from help and civilization, they find themselves besieged by a vast army of rampaging, blood-thirsty mutants, ravenous creatures who will stop at nothing to devour every morsel of human flesh in sight.
  DIRECTOR: Mike Nichols
SCREENWRITER: Aaron Sorkin (Book: George Crile)
ORIGINAL MUSIC: James Newton Howard
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Stephen Goldblatt
CAST: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Ned Beatty, Emily Blunt, Om Puri, Rachel Nichols
STUDIO/PRODUCER: Universal Pictures

Adapted from George Crile's book, Charlie Wilson's War tells the story of a rogue congressman and CIA agent who found the means to secretly arm rebels to fight against invading Soviet troops in Afghanistan in the early 1980s
ojnwxz.png  Storyline A doctor hires an escort to seduce her husband, whom she suspects of cheating, though unforeseen events put the family in danger.

Julianne Moore ... Catherine Stewart
Liam Neeson ... David Stewart
Amanda Seyfried ... Chloe
Max Thieriot ... Michael Stewart
R.H. Thomson ... Frank
Nina Dobrev ... Anna
Mishu Vellani ... Receptionist
Julie Khaner ... Bimsy
Laura DeCarteret ... Alicia
Natalie Lisinska ... Eliza
Tiffany Lyndall-Knight ... Trina (as Tiffany Knight)

Genre Drama | Thriller
12321w.jpg  Two longtime NYPD partners on the trail of a stolen, rare, mint-condition baseball card find themselves up against a merciless, memorabilia-obsessed gangster. Jimmy is the veteran detective whose missing collectible is his only hope to pay for his daughter's upcoming wedding, and Paul is his "partner-against-crime" whose preoccupation with his wife's alleged infidelity makes it hard for him to keep... 
Genres: Action/Adventure and Comedy
  Bad Blake is a broken-down, hard-living country music singer who's had way too many marriages, far too many years on the road and one too many drinks way too many times. And yet, Bad can't help but reach for salvation with the help of Jean, a journalist who discovers the real man behind the musician 
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