Assassination Of A High School President 2008

At a Catholic high school, the popular girl teams up with a sophomore newspaper reporter to investigate a case of stolen SAT exams. Once the duo target their suspects, a larger conspiracy is unearthed.

Assault Girls (2010)

The story is set in a virtual space called Avalon. The players come to an area called Desert 22, where giant monsters named Sunakujira roam, and wage war against the monsters. All of a sudden, the last boss Madara Sunakujira appears and they decide to form a party and throw down the gauntlet against it. Originaly in Japanese, dubbed to English.

Asterix and the Vikings (2006)
Asylum Seekers (2009) Asylum Seekers 2009

Six bored people attempt to get admitted into an insane asylum in a bid to spice up their lives. With only one bed available, the six men and women must compete to prove who is the craziest in the bunch. Genres: Comedy, Drama and Science Fiction/Fantasy

At Risk.2010

A best-selling crime writer wants to further her political dreams by solving an old murder. A Boston detective is dispatched to Tennessee by his glamorous district attorney to crack a cold case that froze up two decades prior. District Attorney Monique Lamont (Andie MacDowell) is climbing the ladder to political success when she determines that the best way to advance her career is to solve an impossible crime. In order to catch a killer, Lamont recruits Win Garano (Daniel Sunjata), a detective with a penchant for getting results. Reluctantly accepting, Garano follows the trail of evidence to Knoxville, where he and his partner, Sykes (Annabeth Gish), realize that nothing is as it seems.
Attack On Leningrad 2009

When in 1941 Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, their troops quickly besieged Leningrad. Foreign journalists are evacuated but one of them, Kate Davies, is presumed dead and misses the plane. Alone in the city she is helped by Nina Tsvetnova a young and idealist police officer and together they will fight for their own survival and the survival of the people in the besieged Leningrad
August (2008)

Tom (Josh Hartnett) and his brother (Adam Scott) know they're swimming with the sharks with their startup dot-com. But as they toil to keep the business afloat, the tech market collapses in August 2001, confounding their work and challenging their ideals. Naomie Harris, Rip Torn and David Bowie co-star in this thought-provoking drama.


Austin Powers- International Man of Mystery (1997)

A 1960's hipster secret agent is brought out of cryofreeze to oppose his greatest enemy into the 1990's where his social attitudes are glaringly out of place.
Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

Upon learning that his father has been kidnapped, Austin Powers must travel to 1975 and defeat the aptly-named villain Goldmember - who is working with Dr. Evil.
Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

Dr. Evil is back...and has invented a new time machine that allows him to go back to the 60's and steal Austin Powers's mojo, inadvertently leaving him "shagless".
Autumn (2009) Autumn (2009)

A horrible virus kills billions within minutes. The few survivors that are left have to deal with the shock of the apocalypse, and they have no idea that things are about to get much worse.
Autumn in New York (2000) 

Will Keane (Richard Gere) is a middle-aged playboy working the Big Apple who experiences true love for the first time when he falls under the spell of Charlotte Fielding (Winona Ryder), a younger woman with a tragic secret. Autumn is the season for this genuine tearjerker directed by actress Joan Chen (The Last Emperor), which also features able supporting performances from Anthony LaPaglia, Elaine Stritch and Sherry Stringfield.

Avatar 2009 Avatar 2009

AVATAR takes us to a spectacular world beyond imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on an epic adventure, ultimately fighting to save the alien world he has learned to call home. We enter the alien world through the eyes of Jake Sully, a former Marine confined to a wheelchair. But despite his broken body, Jake is still a warrior at heart. He is recruited to travel light years to the human outpost on Pandora, where corporations are mining a rare mineral that is the key to solving Earth's energy crisis. Because the atmosphere of Pandora is toxic, they have created the Avatar Program, in which human "drivers" have their consciousness linked to an avatar, a remotely-controlled biological body that can survive in the lethal air. These avatars are genetically engineered hybrids of human DNA mixed with DNA from the natives of Pandora... the Na'vi. Reborn in his avatar form, Jake can walk again. He is given a mission to infiltrate the Na'vi, who have become a major obstacle to mining the precious ore. But a beautiful Na'vi female, Neytiri, saves Jake's life, and this changes everything. Jake is taken in by her clan, and learns to become one of them, which involves many tests and adventures. As Jake's relationship with his reluctant teacher Neytiri deepens, he learns to respect the Na'vi way and finally takes his place among them. Soon he will face the ultimate test as he leads them in an epic battle that will decide nothing less than the fate of an entire world.
Avenging Angelo
(2002) R
Frankie Delano (Sylvester Stallone) is one mighty displeased mobster: His beloved boss, Angelo (Anthony Quinn, in his final role), just got whacked, and now Angelo's daughter, Jennifer (Madeleine Stowe), may be next on the list. Adopted at a young age, Jennifer is clueless about her "wiseguy." But when she narrowly misses getting rubbed out, she decides to get tough -- with Frankie's help -- and beat her enemies at their own game.

Genre:Action Comedies, Mobster, Action Thrillers
This movie is:Romantic, Goofy

Aliens vs Predator - Requiem (2007)

Warring alien and predator races descend on a small town, where unsuspecting residents must band together for any chance of survival.
Away We Go (2009) Away We Go (2009)

A couple who is expecting their first child travel around the U.S. in order to find a perfect place to start their family. Along the way, they have misadventures and find fresh connections with an assortment of relatives and old friends who just might help them discover "home" on their own terms for the first time.
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