Adaptation 2002 - Nicolas Cage Adaptation 2002 - Nicolas Cage

A lovelorn screenwriter turns to his less talented twin brother for help when his efforts to adapt a non-fiction book go nowhere.

(2008) R
Unable to afford the European vacation he'd dreamed of, recent college grad James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) reluctantly takes a gig at a local amusement park, only to learn that the dead-end job is, in fact, excellent preparation for the real world. Writer-director Greg Mottola's semi-autobiographical comedy-drama, filmed in Pittsburgh's Kennywood Park, also stars Ryan Reynolds and Kristen Stewart.

Genre: Comedy
This movie is: Romantic, Raunchy

Aeon Flux

(2005) PG-13
In the 25th century, a rampaging virus has forced the remnants of humanity into the seclusion of a last redoubt. But political conflict swirls within, and the climate is ripe for revolution. Aiming to hasten an uprising, the leader of the underground rebellion (Frances McDormand) dispatches acrobatic assassin Aeon Flux (Charlize Theron) to eliminate the government's top leader in this futuristic thriller based on the popular animated MTV show.

Genre: Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sci-Fi Thrillers
This movie is: Suspenseful, Mind-bending, Exciting

Aerosmith - Rock This Way 2009


After Life.2009

A young woman caught between life and death... and a funeral director who appears to have the gift of transitioning the dead, but might just be intent on burying her alive.

After the Sunset

(2004) NR
After one final heist, a last hurrah of sorts, Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) finally decides to retire from the game with his alluring and cunning wife, Lola (Salma Hayek). But are they really ready to squander their prodigious talent for criminal enterprise forever? FBI agent Stan Lloyd (Woody Harrelson) doesn't think so -- and that's why he's followed the pair to their island hideaway to see if Max and Lola are making good on their promise.

Genre: Action Comedies, Heist Films

Afterschool 2008 Afterschool 2008

A Internet-addicted prep-school student captures the drug overdose of two girls.
Afterwards (2008) Afterwards (2008)

Nathan, a brilliant New York lawyer who leads a life of professional success, but his private life is pretty dismal since he divorced Claire...

Against the Current 2009

Struggling with a tragic past, a man with an urgent calling enlists two friends to help him swim the length of the Hudson River.
Against the Dark (2009) 

After the face of the planet is overrun by bloodthirsty vampires, special ops squad leader Commander Tao (Steven Seagal) must extinguish the menacing bloodsuckers and save the future of the human race. But for those who have survived and taken refuge in an abandoned hospital, hope is running out -- as well as supplies and food. Jeff Chase, Emma Catherwood and Skye Bennett co-star in this action thriller.

Agent Cody Banks (2003)
Hilary Duff

A government agent trains Cody Banks in the ways of covert operations that require younger participants.
Agora (2009)

An Egyptian slave turns to Christianity in the hopes of pursuing freedom while falling in love with his master, a philosopher and atheist.
Air Buddies

(2006) PG
It's five galloping golden retriever pups to the rescue when Mom and Dad get dognapped in this Disney family comedy featuring the voices of Don Knotts and Michael Clarke Duncan. That the pups can talk makes the mission easier, but danger and high jinks still abound as the daring dogs work to save their parents. Bonus material includes a "Train Your Dog to Be a Star" video with the film's trainers and behind-the-scenes interviews with the pups.

Genre: Family Comedies, Animal Tales

Air Force One (1997) Air Force One (1997)

Hijackers seize the plane carrying the President of the United States and his family, but he (an ex-soldier) works from hiding to defeat them.
Airheads (1994) - Adam Sandler

Three band members hoping for a big break head to a radio station to play their demo tape and wind up holding everyone hostage with plastic guns when the head DJ refuses to play them.
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