101 Dalmatians

(1961) G
Shortly after celebrating the birth of 15 pups, Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita find themselves on a mission to save their offspring from the clutches of the dastardly Cruella De Vil before she turns the cuddly canines into a fabulous fur coat. With the aid of London's underground dog network, the determined Pongo and Perdita stage a daring rescue in this animated Disney classic featuring one of the screen's most hissable villains.

Disney-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

(1937) G
Walt Disney broke new ground in 1937 with this animated feature-length film about a jealous queen, her beautiful stepdaughter, seven lovable dwarfs and a handsome prince. You'd have to be "grumpy" or "dopey" not to be charmed by this film, which includes the songs "Whistle While You Work," "Heigh-Ho" and "Some Day My Prince Will Come" (which became a jazz standard via trumpeter Miles Davis in the '50s).
Disney-Sleeping Beauty

(1959) G
You gotta know this plot! A beautiful princess born in a faraway kingdom is destined by a terrible curse to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep that can only be awakened by true love's first kiss. Enter that fortunate prince! This animated Disney classic (from the late 1950s) makes wondrous use of Tchaikovsky's titular ballet score.
Free Jimmy (2006)

Directed by Christopher Nielsen. With Woody Harrelson, Simon Pegg, Phil Daniels.


(1992) NR
Duped by an evil wizard into retrieving a mysterious lamp from a dangerous cave, young Aladdin unwittingly becomes the master of magical genie, eager to serve him and grant his every wish in this classic tale. Toss in a beautiful princess who captures Aladdin's heart and the devious plotting of the wicked sorcerer, and the result is an adventure not easily forgotten. Nicky Stoter, Jason Connery and Derek Jacobi lend their vocal talents.

Disney-A Bugs Life (1998)
A Bug's Life

(1998) G
On behalf of "oppressed bugs everywhere," an inventive ant named Flik (voiced by Dave Foley) hires a troupe of warrior bugs to defend his colony from a horde of freeloading grasshoppers led by the evil Hopper (Kevin Spacey). Little does Flik know that his tough "warriors" are really circus performers... Pixar takes you inside the miniature world of insects for this bigger-than-life adventure.

Disney-A Goofy Movie
A Goofy Movie

(1995) G
It's hard to be cool when your dad is Goofy. Just ask Max, Goofy's teenage son. Goofy has some old-fashioned ideas about fathers and sons spending time together, so he drags Max off on a wilderness vacation. But Max would rather be home, romancing his girlfriend and going to a rock concert. He gets his wish, but not before he has some wacky adventures.


Alice in Wonderland

(1951) G
Disney's song-filled, animated retelling of Lewis Carroll's whimsical tale follows young Alice as she explores the strange and wonderful world she's hurled into after falling down a rabbit hole. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Score, this family classic features the voices of Kathryn Beaumont, Ed Wynn and Sterling Holloway and boasts and usual cast of wacky characters, including the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat and more.

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996)

 Animation | Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Romance

Brother Bear 2
(2006) G
After waking from a long hibernation, Kenai (voiced by Patrick Dempsey) and his bear buddy Koda set off on a life-changing mission to help human friend Nita get married in this sequel. So that childhood pal Nita (Mandy Moore) may wed, Kenai agrees to join her on a dangerous journey to their homeland, where they must break their pact of devotion to each other. But as they conquer one challenge after another, the old friends' bond only deepens.

Genre:Family Adventures, Family Animation, Animal Tales
This movie is:Suspenseful, Romantic, Emotional

(2008) PG
Featuring the voices of John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, this animated adventure (nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar and Golden Globe) centers on a dashing German shepherd named Bolt, a canine actor forced into making an action-filled cross-country trek when he's accidentally shipped from Hollywood to New York. Believing that he and his fictional character are one and the same, Bolt gets a glimpse of what it takes to be a hero in the real world.
Beverly Hills Chihuahua

(2008) PG
Chloe (voiced by Drew Barrymore) is a privileged Chihuahua from Beverly Hills who rides in style in her owner's purse -- until she gets lost on a Mexican vacation, and must find her way home with the help of her newfound Latin canine friends. Salma Hayek, George Lopez, Edward James Olmos, Cheech Marin and Andy Garcia also lend their voices to the cast of this comedic live-action adventure.
Disney-Bedtime Stories

(2008) PG
Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) is a down-on-his-luck guy who's always telling bedtime stories to his niece and nephew, and whose life is turned upside down when these fantastical stories suddenly turn into reality. Now, all the outrageous characters and situations that Skeeter has ever imagined have morphed into actual people and events in his life. But can he manage his own unruly fantasies now that they've come true?
(2006) PG
When things get crazy at the farm, it's up to a boisterous bovine named Otis (voiced by Kevin James) to save the day in this computer-animated tale. The animals in this barnyard sing, dance and party, but Otis's stern dad (voiced by Sam Elliot) warns the crew to keep their cool around humans. Troublemaker Otis rarely listens to his pop, but when the farmer disappears and the animals go nutty, the young cow realizes he must stop the madness.

Genre:Family Animation, Animal Tales, Family Comedies
This movie is:Heartfelt, Goofy
Chicken Little
(2005) G
When a tiny acorn bonks Chicken Little (Zach Braff) on the head, he causes widespread panic and gets on the bad side of the entire town. Disney's animated adventure follows the poor little clucker as he tries to redeem himself and stay out of trouble, but when he's hit on the head by a real piece of sky, it's up to Chicken Little and his friends Ugly Duckling (Joan Cusack), Runt of the Litter (Steve Zahn) and Fish Out of Water to save the world.

Genre:Family Animation, Family Comedies
This movie is:Goofy, Exciting
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